Rules of use hosting

Valid for all hosting users (paid and free). Using this hosting you agree that:

  • You are required to indicate your real data when registering and keep them current during the whole period of using the hosting service, which is especially important for a contact e-mail;
  • You must have a minimum of skills and knowledge necessary for independent use of the hosting service.;
  • It is your responsibility to respond to emails from us;
  • You agree to keep all data for access to hosting confidential; any noticed spread of the hosting password can lead to its immediate closure;
  • Using free hosting is limited to 6 months. After this period, we will offer the owners to pay for hosting services.
  • By paying for hosting services you conclude with us Public service agreement.
  • You must follow the rules of netiquette;
  • It is forbidden to carry out mass mailings, even if the recipients have subscribed to this mailing list. A single sending of letters is permissible, while the intensity of sending letters should not exceed 2-3 letters per minute;
  • You will not use SPAM to advertise your site, and you will not send SPAM at all;
  • It is prohibited to post pornography, crack / hack materials, programs that can be used to send spam, as well as links to such sites;
  • it is forbidden to place sites about earnings in a network, pyramids, etc .;
  • it is forbidden to place phishing sites. Any attempts to simulate the interfaces of third-party Internet services are also prohibited;
  • it is forbidden to place pages advertising drugs and narcotic substances, as well as biologically active additives (dietary supplements);
  • is generally prohibited from posting information that could cause you to get interested in the police, security services of any country, holders copyright and other structures, contacts with which will not be pleasant;
  • it is forbidden to use software that allows execute arbitrary commands of the operating system (web-shell) on the server;
  • it is prohibited to host wap-sites;
  • it is prohibited to post torrent trackers;
  • chats are not allowed;
  • it is forbidden to post pages containing keywords intended to deceive search engines, pages with an automatic redirect (transfer of the visitor without his knowledge) to another site. Such sites will be closed without warning or explanation;
  • is prohibited from installing software that initiates external connections such as IRC or proxy servers. Outgoing connections on the hosting are closed by default (except for the ones needed to install and update popular CMS.cURL works only with allowed addresses);
  • improper use of server resources is prohibited, for example, starting daemon programs (resident programs), running scripts that cause a critical load on the server;
  • it is forbidden to place banner systems, sites with online games, the address of other software that creates a heavy load on the server. Such software, in particular, may include CMS. You can use various SMS at your own peril and risk, because when your hosting creates a large load, we will close it;
  • it is prohibited to use open source versions of CMS that are no longer officially supported by developers (for example Joomla 2.5, WordPress 4.3, ..);
  • You undertake to timely update the open source CMS and keep it up to date;
  • it is allowed to use up to 0.1 minutes of CPU time per hit, i.e. CPU/Hits<0.1. But no more than 5 minutes (300 seconds) per day, on paid hosting - 15 minutes (900 seconds). It is also allowed to use up to 1 minute (60 seconds) of execution time for sql queries per day (on paid hosting - up to 2 minutes (90 seconds)). Load values for your site can be viewed in Control Panel ("Statistics" button);
  • It is allowed to place files in total no more than (2000 on free hosting) and 10000 (on paid).
  • it is forbidden to post pages with invisible pages (< iframe>);
  • if there are forums on your site, it is imperative that search engines be prohibited from viewing the directory of this forum. For example, if the forum is located in the phpbb directory, be sure to create a robots.txt file in the root directory of the site with the following content:
              User-Agent: *
              Disallow: / phpbb 
    or leave the robots.txt file that is created automatically when you open your account. Search engines daily bypass all the branches of your forum and create a useless load, because of which your account may be closed;
  • we may refuse to provide you with the service if you exceed the limits of the use of server resources;
  • we may close your account for non-compliance with these rules;

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